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Fishing Passion

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384 pp / Hardcover / ISBN: 0-9708653-3-3
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From following a Fishing Passion around the world to focusing on Le Shack in the Midwest, Jim Chapralis entertains readers with stories that everyone can identify with and enjoy.

As he explained in his engaging book, Fishing Passion ... a lifelong love affair with angling, Jim C. Chapralis was fortunate enough to have fished in almost 40 countries, going to some as many as a dozen times, during his 35 years in pioneering the international fishing travel business. Fishing Passion is not about improving your angling skills. It’s about the journeys we take and the people we meet to find ourselves.

“Believe me,” Jim noted, “it was a great privilege to fish such storied places as the Alta River in Norway, or to fish with famous angling writers such as Al McClane (my fishing hero). But long ago I realized that I was addicted to the streams and ‘cricks’ of Central Wisconsin.” That’s why he wrote Le Shack…a very special fishing place. It chronicles the experiences of a dozen anglers and the endearing fishing cabin they always returned to.

Whether you have traveled to other countries or prefer your own local hideaway, whether you are a casual or serious angler or just know anglers, you will find Fishing Passion and Le Shack page-turners. In fact, some of the most enthusiastic responses come from readers who simply enjoy and identify with the quirky stories, unique characters, and the universal experience of chasing dreams.

Fishing Passion (360-page hardbound book, originally $24.95) was published in 2002, and Le Shack (216-page paperbound book, $16.95) was published in November 2007, a few weeks before Jim Chapralis passed away. Read more about them on this site.

You can enjoy both books for only $26.90, plus $2.85 for shipping: $29.75 total. Order now, for yourself or for a gift. What a catch!

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