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Fishing Passion

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Fishing Passion

Description: Hardcover with full-color dust jacket featuring a Charles B. Mitchell painting; 384 pages, 130 illustrations by John Tianis and Charles B. Mitchell. 6X9-inches. $24.95 (hardcover).

ISBN 0-9708653-3-3


FISHING PASSION: a lifelong love affair with angling is not about how to catch fish, or where to fish; there are many books that cover these subjects nicely. It's Jim Chapralis' 60-year journey pursuing his addictive love for fishing. His odyssey includes gigs in guiding, writing, and tackle manufacturing before finally pioneering the international fishing travel field.

Jim started fishing at age eight, when WWII forced his family to return to America from Greece. He trolled across the Atlantic Ocean (interrupted by a Nazi submarine!). Later, Jim found a way to fish in 40 countries, some for as many as a dozen times, and earned a living by doing so.

In FISHING PASSION, you'll meet many one-of-a-kind characters from the "Pimp" (his boyhood fishing chum) to Charles Ritz, the world famous French hotelier and superb angler. You'll meet Don Dobbins-Jim's mentor-who must decide whether to fish for salmon and probably die because of a heart ailment, or give up serious fishing and live for many years.

Jim takes you to Angola in search of giant tarpon (and the most unusual "outdoor beer garden" found anywhere); to Panama where he and friends are held at bay by a dozen guns; to Colombia where witch doctors practice their medicine on injured clients; and, to many other fascinating fishing destinations.

While humor threads through many stories in FISHING PASSION, there are numerous serious, thought provoking chapters that underscore some of the dangers. In The Parismina Mystery, Chapralis describes the disappearance of two men and their boat. In The Shocking Adventure, a camp owner returns to Nicaragua to reclaim his lodge after the Sandinista war, but instead is captured by young boys armed with guns who are about to kill him.

In his Aging Stinks chapter, the author realizes that he simply can't do the things he used to, but finds solace in accepting the aging process and using an older friend as his role model.

FISHING PASSION also captures the development of international sportfishing. In The Fish Scale Incident, Jim tells about how he proceeded to promote Costa Rican fishing from a laundromat episode.

Jim is concerned about the future of sportfishing, citing pollution, anti-fishing campaigns and commercial fishing among the worrisome threats. Jim provides a blueprint (Needed: A Worldwide Fishing Federation) that he is convinced would work.

Ironically, after fishing in 40 countries, the author discovers the magnetism of close-to-home fishing. Today, he is addicted to fishing certain Wisconsin streams, only a few hours' drive from his house. His lengthy chapter, Le Shack, describes his fascination with the area, the chosen streams and the tremendous challenges that they present.

Ever wonder what it must be like to fish with Lee Wulff? Or Winston Moore? Or Stu Apte, or Al McClane? In the "Fishing with the Greats" section, Jim takes you along on fishing trips with four of the all-time greatest anglers.

"I feel very fortunate in having fished with these icons and spending a lifetime pursuing my fishing addiction," Chapralis concludes.

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