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The Casting Sport

The Creel

Target and Distance Casting Practice Seminar

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Conducted By Jim C. Chapralis

In order to enjoy better fishing results, it is necessary for most anglers to practice casting on a continuing basis. Admittedly, to some, practice is B-O-R-I-N-G, so it's my job to make casting practice so much fun you'll almost like it as much as fishing! (And down the road you might even want to enter a casting tournament!)

LESSON ONE: Why we need to practice

LESSON TWO: Ground rules and targets

LESSON THREE: The Dry-Fly Event

LESSON FOUR: The Trout-Fly Event

LESSON FIVE: The Bass-Bug Event

LESSON SIX: The Angler's Distance Fly Event

LESSON SEVEN: The Single-Handed Distance Fly Casting Event

LESSON EIGHT: School's Out, But Keep Practicing!

The Creel: ACA's Newsletter*
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Charles B. Mitchell - famous Wisconsin artist - is a very
accurate caster because he spent thousands of hours
practicing his casting. The former tournament caster
relies heavily on accurate presentations
for his uncanny success.

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