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Can You Make that Cast?
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Can You Make That Cast?

Face it. You can obtain the best fishing gear that money can buy and reserve prime time at a storied trout river or fishing lodge, but if you are a poor caster, your results will suffer.

Suppose you’re on a Montana blue-ribbon trout stream and your guide points out a big brown. You know, the kind that has spots almost as large as your thumbnail!

Even the guide is excited as he whispers his strategy: “Ya gotta put that fly about five feet above him, in his feeding lane. Don’t cast over him ’cuz he’ll spook. If you cast too far ahead of him, you’ll have drag. He’s a big fella, I’ll tell ya. And don’t slap the fly down hard. Go ahead!”

Geez! So there you are. Waist deep in swirling currents. The big trout is sipping flies methodically.

Slurp. Pause. Slurp. Pause. Pause. Slurp!

You paid $590 for that graphite rod, the one that’s shaking in your trembling hand, 200 bucks for the fly reel, and hundreds of dollars for lines, flies, waders and other incidentals. And, of course, there may be lodge expenses, the airline tickets and the guide. A small fortune.

Your guide is watching you closely as you lengthen your cast. The moment of truth.


The fish.

The quivering rod.

The trout.

The big trout. Perhaps a “lifetime trout.”

Can you make that cast? Will your cast land too short? Will you dump that leader like a batch of cooked spaghetti on the trout’s head?

Or will you’ll make that perfect cast, and the fish will rises to the fly. It’s up to you!

Not to worry...We’ll show you how!

You’ve learned the basics, maybe you’ve even caught a lot of fish via fly fishing, but you want to improve your fly casting.

The book contains tackle suggestions and special leader formulas for the various ACA casting events.

Okay, you know you should practice, but casting on a bare lawn is b-o-r-i-n-g! Right? Our unique level-to-level progressive method provides a series of games or events that will not only transform you into a better caster, but you’ll have lots of fun doing it.

All you need are some Hula-Hoop targets (you can even make your own targets from an old garden hose), some open lawn space (or a pond), and your fly fishing outfit.

Our method takes you step-by-step from the basic stroke (that you already know) and advances you to a point that, if you are interested, you could enter casting tournaments. You will be that good!

Master Your Fly Casting . . . And Have Fun Doing It explains why it’s important to practice, where to practice, how to set up targets and how to get others (your family, friends or your fishing club) involved in this wholesome activity. It provides a self-scoring system, so that you know when to enter the next higher level.

We’ll tell you how to start a casting club (from a few people to a few dozen), how to run a tournament––so many things.

As you know, there is more casting to fishing than catching. If you master your fly casting you will enjoy the fine art of fly casting even when you don’t catch fish. It will be fun . . . not a chore!


Casting can be a wholesome sporting activity for your family. (Alice Gillibert cast a fly 150 feet; her daughter and son are also National champions).

Casting can be practiced by everyone (senior casters throw a fly over 200 feet; one senior caster is among the top six accuracy casters of all divisions despite loss of vision in one eye).

Casting can be practiced year round. There is no closed season. Even in the wintry months in the north, you and your friends can practice casting in a gymnasium or big hall.

Good casting will help you catch more fish. Guaranteed!

And so much more!

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