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Can You Make that Cast?
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Master your Fly Casting!
...and have fun doing it

By Jim C. Chapralis

Description: Softcover. 216 pages (5½ X 8½ in.). 64 black and white illustrations. Full-color cover. ISBN 0-970865368 $16.95 (U.S.)

Master Your Fly Casting! . . . and have fun doing it is not a how-to-cast book. There are lots of great books, videos, Web sites, casting instructors and fly fishing schools that teach the basics. This book assumes you know the basic simple casting stroke. Back cast, pause, forward cast.

The problem: Most hopefuls learn to cast well enough to catch some fish, but many put away that fly rod until the next fishing trip, which may be months away, and learned lessons—casting stroke, timing and narrow loops—dissolve into a hazy memory. “Geez, did Bob tell me to stop the rod here or there? Thumb on top of the grip. Right? Do I cast with my wrist?” Forgotten lessons.

The answer: Practice. This holds true not only for novice casters but also intermediate anglers and even experts. Amazingly, the top 10 fly casters in the world practice casting on a continuing basis. Some on a weekly basis. Practice is not a user-friendly word to most of us. It’s like having to practice music scales when instead we want to play Bach or Beethoven. Or Brubeck or Basie.

Make practice fun: Casting practice on a lawn or pond soon becomes b-o-r-i-n-g! Ho-hum. Zzzz. But add some targets and a series of progressive step-by-step disciplines or “games” and immediately practice becomes so interesting that you’ll want to practice often. You may want to get your fishing friends or family involve. Maybe even start a casting club.

Be assured that once you get the hang of these fun events, you are going to love these games. Many of you will find these games not only fun but perhaps addictive. You may even want to compete in a local, regional and perhaps later a National tournament.

Designed to make fly-casting practice more motivating and fun, these exercises employ a series of targets and challenges to encourage fly casters to hone their skills and develop from merit-class into master-class anglers, a position that only the top 10% of casters achieve. An introduction to the American Casting Association's (ACA) official fly events and regulations is an integral part of the program, and casters are
encouraged to incorporate the challenges associated with these events into their practice rounds and to score their results as if participating in tournament play in order to fine tune their techniques and prepare for actual competitions. Master Your Fly Casting! also includes interviews with accomplished casters, information on starting a casting clubs, and instructions for using a video camera to improve casting techniques rounds out this informative work.

Remember. The most important ingredient of fly fishing skill is the ability to put the fly exactly where you want to. Master Your Fly Casting! is the only book that concentrates entirely on practice casting…and have fun doing it.

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