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Press Release

May 1, 2017
Sally Chapralis


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“Some people go to shrinks, others practice yoga. I go trout fishing to clear my head. The Dow-Jones, Nasdaq, bills, payments, problems, who cares! They all disappear when I’m fishing the sacred waters of Le Shack,” Jim C. Chapralis explained. Because the fish are still difficult to fool and virtually impossible to catch, he wondered if his fly fishing passion was an addiction or insanity.

Author Jim C. Chapralis was fortunate enough to fish in almost 40 countries, going to some as many as a dozen times, during his 35 years in pioneering the international fishing travel business. “Believe me,” Chapralis noted, “it was a great privilege to fish around the world with famous angling writers. But I realized that I was addicted to the streams and ‘cricks’ of Central Wisconsin.”

Chapralis was a champion tournament caster. He also wrote Master Your Fly Casting…and have fun doing it, and Fishing Passion , a lifelong love affair with angling.

If you have a Fishing Passion, are ready to Master Your Fly Casting, head to for a new season and new reads.

Master Your Fly Casting is a 216-page (5 ½ x 8 ½”) soft-cover book, illustrated by artist Charles Mitchell. Fishing Passion is a 367-page hard- cover book illustrated by artists Charles Mitchell and John Tianis.

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